Nursing assistants play vital role in caring for our residents

During the month of June, we have the opportunity to show our appreciation for some of the most valuable parts of our facility’s team. June 14-21 is the 41st year of Annual National Nursing Assistants Week. Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) are vital to the group of professionals who care for our residents. CNAs have a storied history in healthcare that dates back to World War I. In 1918, the Red Cross introduced the Volunteer Nurses’ Aide Service to train assistants for overworked nurses who were struggling to care for veterans. During the volunteer recruitment efforts for World War II, their ranks swelled. According to Rutgers University, there were more than 110,000 nurses’ assistants by the mid-1940s.

Today, there are nearly 2 million nursing assistants in the nation who work in a variety of healthcare environments. At our facility, they provide much of the dignified hands-on care to our residents on a daily basis. They play the critical role of helping our residents with daily living activities such as bathing and personal care, eating assistance, dressing and grooming, and transfers and positioning. They also listen to the concerns of residents, measure vital signs, and assist in patient treatment. The role that CNAs play in the lives of our residents and their families is essential to their improved health and wellbeing. In addition to helping our elderly and disabled residents with basic living activities and care, they also provide valuable emotional support. Through their daily contact with residents, they form close relationships that are therapeutic for residents.

Ways to show your appreciation

  1. Say it with words. The little things matter and there’s nothing as powerful as a simple thank you from the heart to your favorite CNA. Whenever you get a moment, take some time to thank a CNA for the care they have provided.
  2. Give them an online shout-out. Facebook and Google are not just for the grandkids. A great place to share your appreciation for your favorite CNAs is on social media. Leave a review on Google or give them a mention on Facebook or Twitter.
  3. Praise them to a supervisor. Had a great experience with a CNA? Is there one that sticks out above the rest? Let their supervisor know how much they mean to you.
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